by Theresa James

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“This story touches your soul. It is written very well and it is very intriguing ! Never quite know what is coming next. Easy reading and heart warming. A must for everyone. I bought 2 books and gave one to a friend. She also loved the book. Thanks Theresa…”
Carlamae Anderson-Rasmussen

Amazon Review

“Despite the painful subject, the book is engrossing, seeming more like a suspense novel than a memoir. Knowing the deadly outcome—which the author discloses in the preface—fails to make the incident any less shocking. Despite the inherent sadness of the story, James manages to imbue it with hope.”

Kirkus Review

“Incredible story! Well written and so touching-what an incredibly strong woman to survive such a horrendous event and come through it with so much love, dignity and desire to honor her children!”

Amazon Review