Under normal circumstances it is hard enough to find someone that you can connect with, let alone fall in love with.  So many of us hide behind our baggage, afraid to open up and be honest about our lives.  A fear of being rejected and not worthy of love are real issues for many of us.

Todd and I met years before my divorce.  We worked in the same office building and became good friends.  It was during those six years prior to my divorce that Todd and I built our friendship on mutual trust, respect, and laughter.  He has a great sense of humor and could always make me smile and laugh.   We would confide our hopes, dreams and fears to each other.

After my divorce and the deaths of my children I know I would not have been able to trust men for quite a while, if ever.  I am grateful every day that Todd and I were already falling in love and that he was by my side every day during my grief and healing.  I couldn’t imagine where I would be today and how different my life would be without him.  I have said so many times that had Todd not been in my life I would have went back into the military and disappeared from my family and friends.

Todd is an incredible man to also be so supportive and accepting given the tragedy I lived through.  I’m sure that there were times that he must have felt that he was in over his head in our relationship.  What with the lawsuit, grieving for three children, the full range of emotions on an almost daily basis for a while, and then trying to figure out how to live a “normal” life.

Raising Todd’s children, Connor and Courtney, was a primary focus in our lives when they were younger.  We may not have lived in the same city, or state for that matter, but they knew they were a priority to us.  Connor and Courtney know we love them unconditionally, support them at all times, trust in their decisions, and are their sounding boards when they need to talk through any issue.

I didn’t give birth to these two incredible kids, but I know no other way to love, than to love completely.  I feel that Connor and Courtney are my children and love them as my own.  Helping Todd raise them was rewarding and a blessing.  I can’t wait to be a grandparent one day and will enjoy spoiling our grandchildren.

My marriage to Todd has been a roller coaster ride, like most marriages.  But a ride that I am happy to be on.  Each adventure and or struggle brings us closer together.  Our newest adventure is moving back home to Indiana.  This move brings us geographically closer to our family and friends.  We are excited to spend less time on the road traveling and more time actually visiting with them.

God has blessed me in so many ways and I have embraced the love offered to me from so many incredible people.   Nothing is more important than love – grab it, enjoy it and give more back in return!