Life seems to just be rolling along.  You have great energy at work and have just increased your physical workouts.  Your home life feels peaceful and calm with minor hiccups.

Then Bam!!  You wake up one morning and life feels like an absolute struggle.  Where did that attitude come from?

For me, those times come from compounding small stressors. Whether a looming project at work, frustration with my husband, or feeling helpless while someone suffers from an illness.  More times than not, my spiral down come from a combination of many issues.

Once feeling down, it’s easy to allow fear, depression or anger to pull you lower.  You may feel like you’re drowning and those negative emotions are weights pulling at your feet.  Sinking, sinking, sinking…

I believe that everyone has incredible inner strength.  We just have to figure out how to harness and direct that strength.  Reach out and grab hold to something or someone and release that pull of negativity.

Below are five strength builders I turn to in order to alter my attitude and pull myself out of the darkness.

  1. Journal – I find it very therapeutic to write. There is healing for me in expressing my emotions and feelings, no matter how negative they may seem.  I know I don’t have to share those notes with anyone so there is freedom in writing every thought.  Sometimes to clear that energy, I will visualize the dark thoughts going away as I destroy the notes afterward,  tearing them up or burning them.

  2. Meditation – I find that quieting my mind allows me to refocus my energy. There are some great meditation apps available for our phones.  My personal favorite is Insight Timer.  I enjoy the calming of the Tibetan singing bowl meditations.

  3. Physical Activity – Walking is my preferred exercise. Putting in the earbuds, turning on my favorite music or just soothing piano sounds and take off walking.   It may only take 30 minutes to feel rejuvenated.

  4. Therapist – Sometimes we just need to talk to a third party, someone who can give an educated, professional perspective to my problems or feelings. But more than anything, it is having a person who will listen, without judgement, and offer support.

  5. Family and Friends – I have a wonderful support system and I rely heavily on my husband, Todd and my closest friend/first cousin, Kim. I’m not afraid to share my thoughts or to talk about my heartache about missing my children at any time with them.

Bonus:  HUGS!  I find there is something healing and magical in the love received in exchanging a hug with others.

 A GOOD CRY!  There is such cleansing in a good cry.  Sometimes that cry happens alongside one of my strength building supports.

These are just a few suggestions and what tends to work for me.  I encourage you to search your heart and mind to determine who or what brings you joy.  Allow that “joy” to pull you out of your dark moments.

Please don’t be afraid to ask for help.  We are all on this Earth doing the best that we can and life is easier when we love and support one another.