I realized that I haven’t written in quite a while. This is in part because I haven’t been in a mindset to do much of anything.

Do you ever get in a “funk” and just can’t seem to shake it? Feel like the universe has some crazy energy affecting your mood. Or maybe it’s the gray and blah of winter for me?

Whatever it is…or maybe all of the above, it has kept me from writing. Writing is such a great avenue for me to stay on track, continue to heal, process everyday life concerns/issues, or express my gratitude. My daughter, Courtney, bought me a beautiful journal for Christmas and I have started to write in it most days. Slowing I am making some changes to get back into a better frame of mind.

We recently received 4 inches of snow and as I looked out my window, I was grateful for the beauty of the snow. As much as I dislike winter, I can appreciate God’s wonderful gift. As I stood at the window, I recalled many times in the past when I could go outside into the night, standing in the fresh snow, silent, but listening to the Earth and the blanket of beauty over it. The pure, white snow seems to give me peace and has a calming effect. Maybe last night was the boost that I needed.


Whenever you all feel that life has you in a “funk”, I hope that something presents itself to help you. I try to watch for small signs, like a new blanket of snow, to help uplift my spirit and mood.

All that said, Bring On Spring!!

Love to all