I am one of those people that loves the sun and needs the UV rays as well.  By this time every year Winter takes its toll on me.  Dry skin – even using tubes of moisturizer and running a humidifier in the house and the office.  Gray gloomy days – I just want to stay in comfy clothes, under a blanket on the couch.  My attitude is blah with little energy and less motivation.  


Then I have an early February get-away with my husband and many of our close friends who are extended family to us.  It is called Cabin Fever and we take over a hotel for the weekend of fun, laughs, card games, storytelling, and sharing love.  This year was extra special as my cousin and best friend, Kim, went with us.  


There is so much healing and reenergizing when you are with friends and family laughing and razzing each other while playing cards.  Kim and I grew up playing Euchre and are very competitive.  Sometimes I am surprised when other want to actually play against or with us.  I can admit it that we can get a little obnoxious.  Lol


Thank you to my Tomahawk and Ivory families getting me through another Winter of blues.


Now, reenergized and full of so much love, I want to type and share some of my thoughts about February, the month of Valentine’s Day and love.  


Nineteen years ago, my husband, Todd and I decided to avoid the crowds of people who go out to dinner on Valentine’s Day.  We went to the grocery store and Todd crazily suggested that we get TV dinners and a bottle of wine.  I laughed and agreed but said, “Let’s do this right.  We gotta get the Salsbury steak, mashed potatoes, green beans and brownie.”  You all know the one I am talking about?  Pressed meat into a rectangular slab and box tasting potatoes all smothered in thick brown gravy.  Green beans, hard and waxy.  Then the best part, the warm brownie.


So we purchased our Valentine dinner and went home.  Todd slaved in the kitchen preparing our TV dinner.  Right, he peeled off the necessary film per the directions and cooked it in the microwave.  The meal was complete with a glass of wine and served on a TV trays, sitting side by side on the couch.  We raised our glasses and Todd said, “Happy Valentine’s Day Sweetheart. I love you.”  “I love you too.” I said. “Cheers.”


We have had this same style dinner every year since and continue to laugh and make fun each time we do this.  We have expanded our choice for the meal but it continues to be a microwave dinner, nonetheless.  Our children are adults now and we have shared this story with them several times and they love it.  It is our goofy tradition and our daughter particularly loves it, which surprises me because she is such a sentimentalist.


This year Todd and I are changing up our evening plans a little on Valentine’s Day.  We are attending the play Chicago and I am so excited to finally be able to see this spectacular show. I foresee keeping with our meal tradition though and having those TV dinners before we leave for the play.  


This time last year I was finalizing my first book, Healing Tears, and hoping that it would not be published on or near Valentine’s Day.  I left like I didn’t want my book to be published near this special day of love for couples.  But then I received my author copy of my book and when I read the publication date on the inside cover it said February 14th and I just smiled and said, “Happy Valentine’s Day kids.  I love you all too.”  It made me realize that this day isn’t just a time to celebrate love for your significant other, but for everyone you care for.  


So for those who suffer from the Winter blues as I do, find something to reenergize you, share love with someone, and shake off the blahs.  Or maybe it is having a scrumptious TV dinner.